Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. Gift Certificates expire one year from the date of initial purchase. Investments must be set up at a Connect First Credit Union First Calgary Financial or Chinook Financial branch. Certificates can be invested for a one-year, three-year or five-year period into a non-redeemable term deposit; TFSA; RESP; or RSP. Advantage Market investment option eligible for the non-redeemable term deposit, TFSA or RSP in Chinook Financial branches only. Enhanced Growth investment option eligible for the non-redeemable term deposit, TFSA or RSP in First Calgary Financial branches only. First Calgary Financial Step-Up Deposits including 6+6,  9+9, 18+18 are not eligible. Investments cannot be withdrawn for a minimum of one year. No interest will accrue until the investment is set-up. Annual contribution limits apply to TFSA and RSP investments. Lifetime contribution limits will apply to RESP investments and require the child you’re saving for to be a Canadian resident. Gift Certificate recipients must be a Canadian resident and have a valid Social Insurance Number. Gift Certificate recipients will need to become a member of Connect First Credit Union requiring a one-time investment of $1.00 which provides them with the opportunity to share in Connect First Credit Union earnings as an owner, and to have a say in our future. To open additional account, investment and/or credit products with Connect First Credit Union through our operating divisions (Chinook Financial and First Calgary Financial) a credit check will be required. Gift Certificates are not replaceable if lost or stolen. Gift Certificate refunds are available only to the initial purchasing party, and will not be provided to the Gift Certificate recipient, with decisions evaluated on a case-by-case basis and requiring the return of the Gift Certificate to Connect First Credit Union.